Presentation of the CROMART project, Poreč, May 23rd 2015

The second presentation of the CROMART project (Croatian medieval heritage in European context: mobility of artists and transfer of forms, functions and ideas) took place in Poreč, on May the 23rd 2015, in the beautiful hall of the “Istarska sabornica”.

As the project was presented during the 22nd annual international conference of the IRCLAMA, the targeted public were European academics dealing with the middle ages. The presentation was more than appropriate, as the topic of the conference: Mobility of artists, transfer of forms, functions, works of art and ideas in medieval Mediterranean Europe: the role of the ports was the first crucial milestone of the project.

The presenters were Miljenko Jurković, Xavier Barral I Altet and Ivan Matejčić, in the presence of project team members (Stefano Riccioni, Enrico Cirelli, Geraldine Mallet, Vinni Lucherini, Marijan Bradanović, Sunčica Mustač, Maurizio Levak) and a wide scientific audience.